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Addressing Cyber Security Concerns of Smart Energy

Date: 2017.07.17

The Internet of Things (IoT) market will reach $267 billion by 2020, and the Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers reports that there will probably be nearly 30 billion devices connected to it by then. The energy industry will likely see a large and immediate impact due to integration with IoT technology through smart energy.

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Bridging the Gap Between HVAC and the Smart Grid

Date: 2017.04.03

One of the things we often hear from HVAC contractors is that they feel left out of the smart grid conversation. However, there are many reasons why HVAC contractors can and should play a pivotal role in the smart grid industry. Perhaps one of the most compelling is that energy consumption by HVAC systems is directly correlated with electricity prices. Smart HVAC and intelligent energy storage systems also play a role in reducing electricity costs for consumers.

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The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Long Tail Solar and Energy Storage

Date: 2017.03.31

The energy storage market will expand dramatically in the coming years from an annual installation size of 6 GW in 2017 to more than 40 GW by 2021. In addition, an IMS Research report predicts that the market for storing energy from solar panels will go from $200 million in 2012 to nearly $19 billion by the end of this year. This is especially impactful for residential solar, which has seen consistent growth in the past few years and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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