Our Story

WISE Power (WISE) is a Deep Tech company that uses patented technology to change the way we consume electricity. WISE provides an intelligent energy storage solution that stores electricity to use later. The technology involves a patented design that uses interchangeable "Power Packs" that will power our communities and extend the range of electric vehicles (EV).

WISE emerged from a successful IT software development firm called WillCo Technologies, founded by Kevin Williams. WillCo's compliance software grew to over 1.6 million registered users. Williams sold WillCo to focus on growing WISE. The WISE team created a production channel and made the patented energy storage systems using lithium batteries, a battery management system, and intelligent components that allow us to exchange information about the dwelling or EV. The WISE solution can power homes or buildings by storing electricity from the electric grid, solar, wind or other renewables to use later.

Today, WISE has teamed with Verd2Go for their universal cell system. This collaboration offers scalable energy storage systems that are small enough to carry with you and the systems will scale up to trailer-sized units that can power an entire community.



WISE received the first patents for our Distributed Energy Source System.

WISE Power Patents


WISE CEO Kevin Williams sells IT firm to concentrate on growing Wise Power.

WISE Storage Prototype


Wise Power developed a 10kWh residential unit to demonstrate our product capabilities.

WISE Engery Storage


We added international markets including India and Dubai to our distributor network.

WISE Distributors


We began working with Dr. Sunny Sanwar to create a national network of EV swapping/charging stations.

WISE EV Storage