The Technology

WISE uses a unique combination of data collection and integration services with energy storage. We help consumers understand how they use electricity and we provide the tools to save money, reduce waste, and control energy usage. The patented technology (Patent No: US 9,559,522) and (Patent No: US 9,348,384) were issued to support a distributed energy source system and personal power preserver.

WISE Controller

The Wise IoT Controller is the Internet of Things (IoT) solution to allow consumers to connect their smartphones to appliance and electronics in the home. It is vendor neutral to allow consumers to connect their favorite devices using a single WISE icon regardless of the manufacturer.

WISE Controller

Data Collection

  • Collects data from multiple end points
  • Collects data using multiple techhologies
  • Uses wi-fi, ethernet, cellular, other technologies

Data Store

  • Stores data in our private cloud (database)
  • 7 layers of security to protecte personal information

Data Display

  • Data is sent to any computer, monitor, or display
  • Data is sent to smartphones or mobile devices

WISE Power Tower

The WISE Energy Storage system uses a modular design to capture electricity from the grid or renewables and store it to use later. The storage technology creates a microgrid to provide power to buildings that range from a single home to grid-scale systems for entire communities.

WISE Power Tower

Scalable and Flexible

  • Reliable lithium-ion based technology
  • 10kWh - 50kWh modular increments, scalable to grid-scale
  • Designed for open integration to various inverter technologies (AC/DC) and multiple cell chemistries


  • Variable power up to 200 kW peak power, 50 kW continuous
  • Components also proven in 2 million auto road test miles
  • Uses common industry accepted mechanical, electrical, communication and software standards
  • Able to deploy in various environments with proper HVAC, Fire Suppression and Environmental specs


  • Built-in cell balancing algorithm, along with over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, and temperature- limits protection, for safe and reliable operation
  • Engineered to meet multi-industry safety standards