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Wise Power, Inc. (dba WISE) is a platform that supports the flow of energy and information from consumers to service providers. WISE will allow consumers to securely connect their internet-enabled devices to their smartphone, tablets, and computers.

WISE Distributed Energy

WISE Distributed Energy is an Internet of Things (IoT) energy storage company that empowers electricity consumers to save money, reduce waste, and control their energy usage with our patented technology. WISE makes its technology available through its national and global network of Partners and Master Licensees in the HVAC, electrical, and solar industries.

WISE Partners and Master Licensees

WISE Partners are HVAC, electrical, and solar companies that sell, distribute, install, and maintain WISE technology throughout the United States. In addition, WISE Master Licensees are companies outside the United States that have the rights to manufacture and sell our patented technology.

IoT Storage

The Technology

WISE technology works by allowing home owners, building owners, facility managers, and anyone who manages a building’s power supply to store energy from the grid or renewables to use later as needed. In addition, WISE technology integrates smart devices through a vendor- neutral hub to facilitate home automation as well as building management through smart HVAC, electrical, and solar plus storage solutions.

Your customers can optimize their energy usage by monitoring and managing it through the WISE app on their mobile device or computer. WISE technology is protected by reliable cyber security to completely prevent access to critical information by hackers. Your customers will enjoy the following benefits from using WISE technology:

  • Save money on electricity bils
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Have complete control over how, when, and why they use energy

Energy Assessment

Use this free energy assessment to help your customers choose a WISE technology solution to fit their needs based how much electricity they use room-by- room. You can enter your customers’ zip code, then choose one of the predefined templates to instantly see a report of your customers’ estimated daily, monthly, and yearly energy use and associated cost.

Energy Assessment





Master Licensees

Energy Storage Units


WISE is a deep tech intelligent energy storage solution with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. It creates Distributed Energy Source Systems that disrupt the multi-billion- dollar electric utility industry. These systems rely on patented technology including a Personal Energy System and a Distributed Energy Source System. WISE products are at the forefront of next generation power distribution and distributed generation.

Energy Storage Units

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