WISE Power products are sold through a network of licensed distributors. These companies sell our products and IoT services to customers. We provide sales and installation training to qualified companies or individuals. Our products are connected to the electric grid and therefore qualified installers should have training and certifications to attach products to the electrical panel at homes and businesses.

Becoming a WISE Certified Distributor is a great way for your company to enter the IoT market which is expected to be worth nearly $267 billion by 2022, the smart home market which is expected to be worth nearly $41 billion by 2020, the energy storage market which is expected to be worth $3.2 billion by 2022, and the solar-plus- storage market which is expected to be $4 billion by 2024.

The Path

There are two levels of WISE Certified Distributors: Gold and Platinum. Gold-level Distributors can sell WISE products and services, and Platinum-level Distributors can sell WISE products and services and are offered exclusive territories for installations.

Gold Level Distributors

WISE Power is a cutting-edge platform that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage customers' everyday activities. The system uses an on-premise IoT sensor/Controller to integrate with smartphones and other mobile devices to connect appliances and electronics. Distributors install and activate our WISE IoT Controller to wirelessly connect to internet-enabled devices using just one WISE icon. A customer has the security and convenience of controlling the video doorbell, remote thermostat, and remote door locks from the WISE icon on their smartphone. A monthly subscription plan for connected devices is sold through our distributorship network.

Platinum Level Distributors

Platinum Distributors install the energy storage products. We have designated territories for customer leads and referrals. Only our Platinum Distributors are authorized to install our energy storage products. Each one receives a 3-year license and our 10KWh WISE energy storage system. For more information on becoming a WISE Power Distributor, complete the Contact Form and indicate Distributor under comments.

To contact one of our Gold or Platinum Distributors for the purchase of any of our products, please email us at info@getwisepower.com or visit our contact page.