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WISE Power is a renewable energy provider. We use the latest innovations and systems integration techniques to provide cutting-edge solutions. We have developed our own patented energy storage systems and Internet of Things (IoT) products to help consumers manage their everyday lives. We are constantly striving to find new ways to solve problems using technology. WISE Power has partnered with a leading solutions provider to create electric vehicle charging breakthroughs.


WISE Power technology works by allowing homeowners, building owners, facility managers, and anyone who manages a building’s power supply to store energy from the grid or renewables to use later as needed. In addition, WISE Power technology integrates smart devices through a vendor-neutral hub to facilitate home automation as well as building management through smart HVAC, electrical, and solar plus storage solutions.

Customers can optimize their energy usage by monitoring and managing it through the WISE Power app on their mobile device or computer. Our technology is protected by reliable cyber security to prevent access to critical information by hackers. Our customers will enjoy the following benefits from using WISE Power technology. Our users will (1) save money on electricity bills, (2) reduce their carbon footprint, (3) gain a complete understanding on how, when, and where they use electric energy.

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WISE Power is seeking qualified business partners to sell and install WISE Power products. The distributors receive a license to offer our patented products and service plans to customers. We offer training and generous commissions, along with sales leads. Click the link below to learn more about becoming a WISE Power Distributor.

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