A Day in the Life with Integrated Smart Energy Storage Technology

A Day in the Life with Integrated Smart Energy Storage Technology

Posted: 2017.08.18

By: Kevin Williams

Categories: Cool Tech

Mike and Susan both wake up at 6 a.m. to go to work. They smell the fresh coffee waiting for them in the kitchen even though no one else is up. Their smart coffee maker made it five minutes before their alarm was set to go off, so it’s still hot but cool enough to drink right when they get out of bed. Each of their coffees is prepared how they like it; cream and sugar for Mike, just sugar for Susan.

As they’re making breakfast, their smart refrigerator tells them that they’re low on eggs and the milk is about to expire. Mike tells the refrigerator to order more of both. It places the order for the items to be delivered to their home the following day.

Their breakfast prepared, Mike and Susan sit down at the kitchen table to eat. Their smart television turns on by itself and flips straight through their favorite channels automatically. Susan sees a show she likes and says, "stop," and the television stays on that channel.

The room temperature is a perfect 72 degrees, exactly the way Mike and Susan like it in the morning throughout the year. Their smart thermostat turns on the heat or cooling at just the right time every day to avoid wasting any electricity while ensuring the room is the right temperature for them.

As they get ready for work, their home’s smart lighting system automatically lights each room they enter then switches off when they exit. This way, they know they haven’t accidentally left any lights on that will waste electricity throughout the day.

They each get into their respective electric cars that have been charging overnight. Their car chargers, like the rest of their homes, are powered by a WISE energy storage system which allows them to automatically optimize their energy usage each day. Their WISE system is coupled with solar panels on the roof so they can generate and store their own electricity. Sometimes, they have enough electricity left over that they can sell it back to the utility or even their neighbors.

Mike and Susan’s kids, high school students Emma and Jacob, are going to spend the day together at the house since they’re both on summer vacation. They’ll have all kinds of entertainment options to choose from on the home’s smart television, which includes internet TV, online interactive media, and on-demand streaming media. Mike and Susan can also monitor their kids’ entertainment choices in real-time to ensure that they aren’t exposed to anything they shouldn’t be.

As they pull away from their smart home, Mike and Susan know their kids will be safe. Their smart security system will alert them automatically if strangers approach the doors and will call the police if someone tries to break in. Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will immediately alert them to any possible emergencies and will put them in contact with the fire department if necessary.

Mike and Susan control the entire system through an app on their smart phones or tablets that integrates with their entire smart home to control it from a single interface. Every aspect of their smart home runs through their WISE controller which is protected by cyber-security protocols guaranteed to keep them and their family safe.

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