How an Intelligent Energy Storage System Turns Your Simple Home into a Smart Home

How an Intelligent Energy Storage System Turns Your Simple Home into a Smart Home

Posted: 2016.10.21

By: Kevin Williams

Categories: Cool Tech

Intelligent energy storage gives you complete control over your home’s electrical system. It gives you the power to store energy from the grid to use later, and it allows you to monitor and control the flow of electricity throughout your home so you never waste any of it. But what’s even cooler about intelligent energy storage is that it can integrate all of the smart devices in your home through the Internet of Things (IoT).

This allows you to automate your home to optimize your comfort and safety according to your personal preferences. It’s like having a home from The Jetson’s, only real. To show you what we mean, here are a few home automation projects made possible through an intelligent energy storage system:

Automated home-brewing

You can create a completely automated home-brewing system that allows you to make craft beer. The system can monitor the temperature of the beer as it brews and adjust it automatically as needed. Your intelligent energy system tells you exactly how much electricity is needed to brew every batch. It then directs exactly that amount out of its stored energy to power your micro-brewery.

Pet cleanliness control

You can create a system that tells you when your dog or cat has done some dirty business that needs to be cleaned. The system tracks your pet’s movement through a GPS module and alerts you when it’s time take care of their mess. The intelligent energy system lets you control this device through your smart phone or tablet.

Smart water usage and irrigation

You can monitor precisely how much water you’re using by attaching an IoT-enabled sensor to your water meter. This will tell you how much water is flowing through your home at any given time. You can then use your intelligent energy storage system to send you emails or push notifications if your water usage exceeds a certain threshold.

You’re only limited by your creativity and imagination when it comes to what you can automate in your home. Other examples include automating your heating and cooling, your home security, or your home’s lighting. An intelligent energy storage system allows you to control everything through your smart phone or device, thus optimizing your lifestyle.