How Smart Homes Can Become Green Homes

How Smart Homes Can Become Green Homes

Posted: 2016.09.08

By: Kevin Williams

Categories: Carbon Reduction

One of the best things about smart homes is the fact that many of the cost and energy efficiencies they offer are also contributive towards a healthier environment. This is especially true when you make use of an intelligent home energy storage system that allows you to monitor and direct the flow of energy in your home. Here are some of the ways that smart home technology can lead to better environmental outcomes:

Intelligent energy management

An intelligent home energy storage system allows you to see and control where the electricity is going in your home. You can then avoid waste by not sending electricity to places where it won’t be used. For example, if you’re sending electricity to an outlet that only powers one device for a few hours a day, then you can redirect that energy to be used elsewhere or store it for later instead of wasting it when it’s not being used.

Integration with energy renewables

What makes smart home technology “smart” is the fact that it can be integrated and controlled from a central hub, and this is especially true with energy renewables. For instance, you can install solar panels to collect energy and then use an intelligent energy monitoring system to store it and strategically distribute it throughout your home. You can also see how much solar energy you use relative to carbon fuel sources, and plan your energy usage ahead of time for when you know your home will need more energy.

Communication to provide usage feedback to electric utilities

It’s not just your personal carbon footprint that’s affected by smart home technology, but that of the electric utility company as well. This is because utility companies can use feedback they receive from intelligent systems about your energy usage habits to reduce their output through load balancing. This can reduce the amount of fuel they burn to produce electricity to send to you. The result is a decrease in the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere overall.

Using smart technology in your home can be one of the best ways to protect the environment while simultaneously increasing your family’s quality of life. In addition to the reduced costs and enhanced convenience that intelligent home energy storage systems offer, they also reduce waste and decrease your carbon footprint. Smart home tech can help us live a greener and more socially responsible lifestyle in many ways.