Why Intelligent Energy Storage is A Smart Choice for the Environment

Why Intelligent Energy Storage is A Smart Choice for the Environment

Posted: 2016.10.13

By: Kevin Williams

Categories: Carbon Reduction

Climate change is no joke, and we as a species need to confront the fact that we contribute to it through our unending thirst for energy. Home energy storage is part of the solution because it reduces the amount of electricity we use as individual consumers. It's also scalable so that it can make an exponential impact on carbon output when whole neighborhoods and municipalities invest in it. The cost of such a system is offset by savings on electricity generation for utilities and electric bills for the consumer.

The difference of an "intelligent" energy storage system

An intelligent system takes things a step further by communicating to utility companies about energy consumption at the grid’s edge. As a result, utilities can be more strategic in how much electricity they produce through load balancing and forecasting. They can also build fewer power plants to drastically reduce the environmental impact of energy production.

In addition, intelligent energy storage puts the consumer in direct control of their energy consumption. It does this by communicating to them about their energy use habits, allowing them to change their behaviors to reduce energy consumption even further.

An Internet for Green powered by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent energy storage is empowered by the IoT, which allows energy-consuming devices to communicate with each other while generating useful data about how they’re used. It also allows you to control all of your IoT-enabled devices from a central hub to optimize their energy efficiency and that of your home.

This means that you can program your home’s energy usage at every point at which electricity is consumed and make adjustments by turning switches, outlets, and devices on or off at any time. This will ensure that you’re never wasting your kilowatt hours.

A ninja smart home that leaves no (carbon) footprint

Imagine a home that never uses more electricity than it needs and even works as its own tiny power plant. This is known as a Zero Energy Ready Home. Utilizing an intelligent home energy storage system is an excellent way to achieve this because of the unique opportunities for energy efficiency it provides.

It's up to all of us to make a difference and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint both as individuals and as communities. Climate change isn't something we can put off worrying about for a hundred years – it’s happening right now and it demands our attention. Intelligent home energy storage is just one solution, but it has the potential to exponentially reduce the amount of carbon we produce in our daily lives.